I knew who I was this morning, but I’ve changed a few times since then.

Star Sign Quotes

Lewis Carroll, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland & Through the Looking-Glass

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geminis are ‘know it alls’
leos are ‘done it alls’
and sagittarius are ‘seen it alls’


she is every question and every answer
tangled in wine stained pages and language fever
she carries a book under her arm, like a golden cane
and she’s 27 different people
but her novel always stays
she seduces me with
sensuous conversation
and her words fly me to exotic locations
her mind is a playground
on language we swing
every time i think i’ve figured her out
something makes me realise I know nothing
she has every question and every answer
but herself



libra is the illustrious venus mist
the love goddess stands right by libra’s side and their company is intoxicated by the romantic inhalant

There’s a brief moment when you first wake up where you have no memories, a blissful blank slate, a happy emptiness, but it doesn’t last long and you remember exactly where you are and what you are trying to forget.
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I’d really rather be dead.

You Weren’t There


by steffi ☆ (ghostflowergirl)

Moon milk dripping out her mouth
She wavers there without a sound
Pink-eyed girl with a dying soul
He forgot to call her his beautiful.

Frost-dead petals and brier weeds
they said they took all that they need
a braid of thorns in silver hair
(I reached in the dark, but you weren’t there)


and the moon